How Does The World See You?


If it's the phone on the left, they won't look long.

When people search and come to a Non-Responsive Design site there's a 63% chance they will leave within seconds. The constantly rising popularity of smart devices (tablets, phones etc.) has created a serious demand for websites that are viewable on small displays. This is not a tend, it's a significant cultural change taking root around the world. Research has found people now spend more than half their time online on mobile devices.

For a demonstration on the power and flexibility of Responsive Design, grab the right side of your browser display and pull to the left. You will see how the elements change size and position to fit each screen (smartphone, tablet and desktop computer).

Responsive Design, a Leap Forward in the Web Design Industry.

3 screens

Pictured is the same web page viewed on three different devices. As more and more different devices with access to the web enter the market, it is essential that a website can fluidly adapt to multiple screen sizes. You are not going to be able to give these visitors a comfortable experience if you are not providing a smooth appearance of your website. This is where using responsive design is paramount in your website.

A person will be more likely to buy from a website that works on their device.

Are You Convinced YOU NEED a Responsive Designed Website?

Not Yet, Then Read On

A website is the center of your marketing world. It’s where people visit your business 24/7 from just about anywhere, to learn about the services you provide. This is why having a pleasant user experience on any device is important.

People are afraid of technology and are unfamiliar with the terms used by website designers. They don’t reach out and contact a website professional for the fear of being “taken for their money”.  They then turn to GoDaddy or similar company and plunk down a couple hundred bucks and buy a very basic, generic, plain looking website.

They figure, “Well, I have a website now, let me get back to the customers in my store”

Your website is a major element of your store and it should work for you! Unfortunately, people buy a website then forget about it. Would you buy a car and never get the oil changed or wash it?  Would you buy a house and never clean it?

With millions, upon millions, of websites available you need to stand above the crowd. You need your website to catch a visitor’s eye. Then, once they’re there, show them what your business can offer.